Mowbray Heights Primary School is a unique school due to the high levels of diversity amongst our students and families.  Our school population is 494 students.  To provide an accurate picture of our school, it is important to highlight that we have 101 students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, 65 Aboriginal students, 8 students on the Severe Disability Register and 20 students with high and additional needs (FSIQ 55 – 70).  Our ENI of 68.1 indicates many families of low-socio economic background.  Our Index of Community Socio-economic Advantage is 922; we have 54% in the bottom quarter, 25% and 14% in the middle quarters and 6% in the top quarter.
Our families are very supportive of the school and staff appreciate the excellent relationship that exists with the P&C and School Association.  Attendance at school events is high and this year we had 93% of our families represented at Parent Teacher Interviews.  Monthly parent meetings for our EAL families provide opportunities to share information about school life and learning with our newly arrived families.  It also enables us to gain insight into their views and values, and respond to their needs.
Our explicit improvement agenda is articulated in the Strategic and Operational plans which address the key areas of the ongoing implementation of the Australian Curriculum, consolidating the work commenced in Literacy and Numeracy, and strengthening the work we have undertaken in building a respectful school (in both classroom management and for students with disability).  There are highly visible links to teaching and learning, and a strong commitment to improvement.  Our MHPS vision Aim High: aspire, learn, achieve is embedded in all aspects of our school improvement agenda.  Our aspirational goals are supported by key, high level targets and strategies.  A cyclic process involving collecting data, making decisions, taking action, monitoring and evaluation, allows opportunities to adjust programs and shift resources to meet the changing needs of the students in our school and to celebrate success.
Performance and Development Plans have been carefully considered and directed at improving outcomes for students.  Our plans require us to focus on learning, understand what effective teaching looks like and accept that we all have a powerful role to play in each other’s development.  It is important to acknowledge that we are all at different starting points and that individual learning goals are directly related to school goals. 
School improvement at Mowbray Heights Primary School is based on four key areas:
·         increasing student learning outcomes
·         increasing teacher capacity
·         increasing leadership capacity
·         building community partnerships